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Sunday, 7 August 2011

That fateful evening

I'm sure you're all dying to know more about the lentils-for-breakfast thing, so I won't keep you wondering any longer . . . Well, I had dinner with my friend Joanna earlier this year. It was a fateful evening. First of all, we had steamed salmon and stir-fried vegies because, she explained, she was not eating any grains that week. She wanted to try it out, as going grain-free for a spell is advice she frequently gives her clients who come to her to lose weight.

Now Jo is a very sensible nutritionist and I'd never imagined her doing something like giving up grains - and I'd never once considered doing so myself. Seemed a bit diet-faddist, like those lost souls who insist that wheat is the root of all evil, or caffeine is toxic. Hmm. New thought.

Then she gave me her copy of The 4 Hour Body. 'Not what I'd normally read, but I loved it,' she said. Not what I would normally read either, but snug in bed later I read about Tim's slow-carb diet. Somehow the events of the evening came together. If Jo could go without grain, the notion had a new respectability. And if I could eat lentils for breakfast Tim-style, maybe, just maybe, I could conquer that stubborn depot of adipose tissue (the secret purpose of my existence).

I had been struggling with breakfast issues. One of the subjects Jo and I talked about that night was what makes a good one. The thing is I don't like muesli, even though I feel like a class traitor confessing that.

And I don't like all the idea of fruity, nutty, honey-oozing porridges, even though I've never tried one. Sweet porridge is wrong. I come from Scotland and ate porridge for breakfast all through the winter when I was a child - hot and salty, as it's meant to be. See this amazing website for the lowdown on Proper Porridge. But porridge is a palaver to prepare in the rush of the morning, and not very filling.

What I love for breakfast is toast. Thick slices of organic, artisinal sourdough, preferably. But I was uncomfortably aware that this is not a virtuous start to the day. Insufficient protein, too much carbohydrate. A sometime food, as we health writers find ourselves writing. I was ripe for change.

Lentils for breakfast? Tasty: check. Protein: check. Low glycaemic load: check. Filling: check. A natural vehicle for extra vegies: check. Oat-free: check. And Tim promised me a new midsection. I was sold.

And so it began. Next post, another recipe. This time, let me know your breakfast issues. What's your favourite? And what do you normally eat?!

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